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3 Hacks For Modest Maxi Dresses You Should Know

Are you one of those women who get bummed out when buying modest maxi dresses?

For some reason buying modest maxi dresses never works out for you – no matter how much you hope it will.

Modest maxi dresses are some of the easiest forms of modest clothing because they are a one-stop-shop for everything a modest women needs for their outing.

It’s long enough, the material is always durable, sleeves are always to the right point on your arm, and you can tell whether or not the neckline is high enough before you add it to your wardrobe.

But when it comes to modest maxi dresses and your closet, you can’t get with the program.

Even though you hope this will be the one you love.

As always, they end up being too long. A dress that drags the floor isn’t something any woman wants. Have you ever stepped on your dress and something horrible happen?

In the back of your mind a dress which is too long always haunts your thoughts and you understand if the worst can happen, it usually will.


I feel your pain, your stress, and your worry when it comes to modest maxi dresses. This one’s for you. You are a lady who is fashion forward and understands the stylish trends that fit your body. You’re looking for modest dresses which will meet your needs and fashion sense.

I’m speaking to you right now.

Don’t give up on maxi dresses yet. I want to share three amazing hacks I have learned throughout the years to diminish those haunting thoughts of modest dresses that end up being too long. These are practical and anyone can do them.

Are Modest Maxi Dresses Too Long?

Yeah, that’s the whole point of this argument.

In order for your next maxi to fit you right length-wise you need to grow two or three inches.

Since you are more than likely already tapped out of your growth spurt, you have to make this happen yourself.

Hack #1 – Wear Pumps, Wedges, & Platform Shoes

Anything with a high sole that has a large foundation is what you want to go for here.

You can try a high heeled shoe, but then you run the risk of a smaller foundation to walk with. It’s easier to concentrate on your added height with a shoe that has a wide place for you to keep your feet.

The added height will lift your dress hem higher and make it easier to manage.

Hack #2 – Tie Your Modest Maxi Dresses In A Knot

If you use hack #1 and you see the dress is still too long, you can also add this strategy.

Tying your maxi dress up has become a fashion statement of late and it looks great. There are many ways to do this and I have made this video below to share a couple of different ways you can do this (and one tip to get the same effect without even tying a knot).

Knot tying is a practical way to shorten your long maxi and it’s very easy, take a look.

Hack #3 – Hem Your Modest Maxi Dresses

Usually hack #1 or #2 will help to bring the length of your maxi shorter and more manageable. However, there are some petite size women who may still struggle with the overall length and need to do something a little more drastic.

Wherever you live, there is always a tailor who can come recommended by your friends. Generally, cutting your dress and re-hemming it isn’t a big deal, and, if you’re dead set on wearing your maxi dress, this could be your only option.

If so, find someone who comes highly recommended and try them out.

Modest Maxi Dresses To The Rescue!

Modest maxi dresses are so versatile. They are easy to wear, easy to accessorize, and easy to throw on in a rush.

One of the main reasons I love my maxi dresses is because I don’t have to stand in my closet and try to pair a top with a skirt with shoes, it’s just there. All that’s required is one of my wedges or heels and I’m off!

A maxi dress is the overall easiest way to stay fashionable in the modest world and the classy look is always timeless fashion statement which will always be in style.

What Do You Think?

Do you have some super hacks for people who love wearing maxi dresses but maybe they need some extra direction? We are always open to hear about your hacks and tips for your wardrobe! Let me know what you think in the comment section, or if you have a question, list it there!

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