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3 Popular Modest Church Dresses You Will Love

Keeping your modest church dresses in style shouldn’t be difficult. Sadly, for the most part, it can be. With some of the more popular fashion brands, church women don’t really have a lot to pick from. That doesn’t mean you aren’t finding some cute items though. It has been said your modest apparel says a lot about you. Knowing this, it’s always nice to know where to find great items that fit how you want to be seen.

There is a fashion trend happening for women who love to wear modest church dresses and I want to share some quick ideas and fashion styles that you can mimic and make your own.

#1 – Mermaid Hem Dresses

A mermaid dress is a dress which fits closely throughout the body, which means it is snug across the torso and hips. While a lot of modest dresses for women don’t advocate for this type of style, the mermaid hem is still a great option. While foregoing the snug fit, the hem portion is a flared style that still makes different options for the wearer.

Here are some of our favorite mermaid hem dresses. Notice the different styles in the sleeves and waist and how the hem pairs perfectly with them. The mermaid hem is an elegant look that works for just about every occasion and one of the reasons we love it.

#2 – Maxi Dresses – The Many Styles

When it comes to great modest church dresses, some of the most sought after outfits are modest maxi dresses. I personally love these because they go with just about everything and are so versatile with so many things. The maxi dress can either be high waisted, low waisted, long, midi length, the results are endless.

One of the reasons we chose the maxi dress as some of our favorite dresses is because of these very things. Whether you wanted to tie a knot in your dress, let it hang in elegance, pair it with a cardigan, or wear it by itself, the maxi dress is a plethora of different options for your wardrobe. Here’s some of our favorites.

#3 – Other Modest Church Dresses You Will Love

While there are many dresses that I haven’t mentioned, these are some of my favorite options for modest church dresses. One of the reasons we love all of these is because the styles are easy to work with for the items which are already in your closet, they are affordable, and, best of all, make you feel confident and beautiful.

However, mermaid hem and maxi dresses aren’t the only types women love. This section is the honorable mentions of dresses I personally love from the store and still continue to wear. Some of the favorites are swing dresses, midi dresses, etc. The styles are limitless. Take a look at some of our customers preferred choices below.

What’s Your Favorite?

Every woman has a favorite outfit that’s your go-to item. It makes you look and feel great, and the best part is how it works with many different items in your closet. Being able to pair your items with others or wear it by itself is a priority of mine when I select items for the store. I would love to hear about your favorite modest church dresses! Do we carry what you love? Being in the ministry, I can understand the difficulty women have when it comes to finding a beautiful outfit you can wear to church. Let me know your thoughts on our favorite items and if you have any questions feel free to use our contact page.

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