how to dress for church

How To Dress For Church

Wearing modest church dresses is an unspoken rule for many different churches across the country.

When you understand how to dress for church, you are displaying a sense of morals and standards that are particular to your personal experience with Christ.

There are many different denominations with many different dress codes or standards they want you to abide by if you continue to frequent their area of worship.

How To Dress For Church Is Not About Pleasing Anyone Else

First of all, anyone can “look” the part of a Christian. Sadly enough, keeping up with the standard of church dresses is one a lot of churches across the country focus on.

I do agree in a dress code which sets you apart from the world. 2 Corinthians 6:17 says we should ‘come out from among the world’ and a degree of separation is required to show Christ you are not embarrassed nor afraid to produce standards in an outward appearance.

Having said that, knowing how to dress for church becomes easy to some people in order to hide their true beliefs and religion.

When you searched “How to Dress For Church” on Google, you may be wondering about a dress code for a certain type of denomination. You may also be searching for new ideas about the dress code if you’re a new Christian. Let me say this, dressing for church should not be about anyone else but you and God. If you are truly trying your best to grow spiritually, listen to God, and obey the instructions of your Pastor, the dress code will come naturally to your life. As long as you aren’t focused on what other people are doing or wearing – there are plenty of people who know how to dress for church but aren’t really Christians.

The attitude of spiritual growth plays a huge role. However, if you are not a Christian (Would you like to be one? Click the Contact button and we will help you!), and you are wanting to be respectful of a church you are going to attend, here are some other important aspects you should consider.

Think Modest

Always err on the side of modesty if you’re going to church. A skirt which will fall below the knees (even while sitting) is your best bet.

If you decide to wear a dress, leave the backless, low cut, tank top, and/or spaghetti strap dresses behind. As we have already discussed wearing modest dresses can still be fashionable.

You never have to sacrifice style in order to be modest. There are some great options you can still have when looking for a modest dress for church. Here are a couple we recommend.

How To Dress For Church: Heels or Flats?

When considering different options for your church outfit, the shoes are a very important aspect you should always be aware of. Are high heels a necessity? Would it be better to wear flats with what you’re wearing?

The choice is really up to you, but we have some pointers.

If you decide to wear high heels, make sure the heel is no higher than 3 inches. Pumps will compliment pencil skirts, and of course, flats can go with just about anything as well.

Whatever the shoe, make sure it is appropriate with what you are wearing.

In Conclusion

Learning how to dress for church isn’t something which should be hard. Remember, if you are a faithful member of a church in your local area, you probably already understand the basics. If so, your church dresses standard has already been established. As long as you are consistently creating a relationship with Christ you are on the right tract with your church dress code.

If you are someone who isn’t a Christian, or are going to church as a visitor, these tips will help you navigate your local church. Remember, it is about respect. What you wear can say a lot about how you feel about your surroundings. Make yourself appropriate because God knows the desires and intents of your heart.

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