modest dresses for the busy mom

Modest Dresses For Modern Moms – The Busy Life

When you think about fashion as a mom, the idea rarely feels comfortable. It’s not that you aren’t trying to be fashion forward with your closet, but sometimes it doesn’t make sense to think about your wants and needs when your family and children are first.

You are a busy mom, I get it.

Rarely do you shop for yourself. You spend most days doing laundry, feeding, cleaning, grocery shopping, working a full time job, taking care of your home and your family, etc. This leaves little to no time for you to feel like shopping for yourself.

And when you do get a minute, you don’t really feel like doing much at all.

We want to share some easy fashion ideas for modest dresses you can use to liven up your closet, feel good about yourself, and not spend a lot of time getting it together. It doesn’t have to be hard, and really, you need to step back and take some time for yourself at some point – although that seems impossible, and you probably laugh at the thought of this idea.

Fashionable Modest Dresses Doesn’t Have To Be Slow

At some point in your week you throw on an easy tee and denim to head out the door as quickly as possible. Let’s face it, this is your life now. You run everywhere.

In doing so, you sometimes lose sight of your fashion sense because you just want to feel comfortable in whatever you’re wearing.

At one time in my life, I wanted the biggest, softest, most comfortable hoodie sweatshirt I could find.

Did I feel nice in it?


But I was comfortable.

It was clean, quick, and easy. I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle of t-shirts, hoodies, and elastic waist bottoms. I wondered what happened to the fashionable woman I used to be? Normally, I would have never stepped out of the house in something like that, but now, with the time crunch I’m always under, I felt forced to settle for speed rather than style.

But what I didn’t know was, style doesn’t have to be slow. It doesn’t have to be sacrificed just because you’re a busy modern woman.

It’s the items you collect over time that supply this void of fashion in your life. It never was about the hoodie, it was always about how fast I could get dressed to get out the door.

When you think about it, if there’s something you really want, or want to do, you always make time for whatever that is.

You may not have the “time” to log onto Facebook today, but you probably did. Take advantage of those time squeezing opportunities like that and join a Facebook shopping group, like the E&O Apparel group.

Let me explain…

Use Facebook Groups

It’s so easy.

While you’re flipping through your Facebook news feed sitting in the doctor’s office with your kid (or whatever else you’re doing at the moment), you can grab fast ideas that will work with your style, schedule, and budget.


Fashion works with my schedule?

Think about it.

One of our most popular modest dresses is the Anna Dress. Whether you’re looking for short sleeve, 3/4 sleeve, or long sleeve, ladies love the quick and easy flow these modest dresses bring to their busy schedule.

I have a short sleeve red swing dress. I’ve worn it in summer and I plan to wear it this fall and winter too.

But how do you wear a summer dress in Fall and Winter?

It’s easy.

That shopping group you just added yourself to has many items to accessorize your outfit for the upcoming seasons.

Basically, what you want is speed and ease of use.

For example, that favorite tunic top or swing dress you like to wear may need a facelift for the upcoming seasons. Throw a scarf on and create a new look. It’s quick, it’s easy, and you look great!

You’re already too busy to shop for yourself, and you already know you want to feel like you look like you’ve spent some time on yourself today.

Groups are a great way to dominate your fashion sense and save time and not even have to step into a mall or a boutique downtown.

Whether you’re a business woman, corporate mom, or a stay at home caregiver, you all have one thing that ties you together.

Lack of time. You’re spread too thin and there’s never enough time in the day to complete the tasks you need to get done.

But that’s okay.

Because you’re needed in so many areas of your life, consider yourself blessed. You have a great calling on your life to your family and to others.

So let me give you some suggestions.

Below is some of our shopping community favorites. These are fashion-quick items that busy moms use for their hectic schedules.

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In Conclusion

You already know you’re busy. You already know you want to look and feel great while on the run. These time saving items will help you create a flair for style that you will enjoy. It’s time to find the way you used to feel about yourself, and you can!

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