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The Next Trend in Modest Church Dresses

When it comes to modest church dresses, fashion trends have been extinct until recently. But now, there are some viable options the women who are wanting to keep it a little more modest can use to their benefit. With the rise of these different options comes different fashion styles and trends and we’ve got some of the best one’s for you today.

One writer brings up a good point: if we put today’s church congregation against the congregation of the 1950’s, could we distinguish between the two? One thing is for certain, fashion has changed drastically since that time. One thing to keep in mind, while it’s okay for fashion styles to change, religious and holiness standard must never change and this should be the foundational point from which we bring our trends from.

Below are just a few of the new trends happening to modest church dresses, the best part is, these aren’t limited to church only, but can be used in just about every scenario or event you will need your new outfit for.

The Modest Midi Dress

One of the things about the midi dress is that it is so versatile. Various styles of the midi dress can be combined to make a fabulous look for a woman who wants to stay modest. Here’s some of the most popular midi dresses our community is interested in.

Modest Maxi Dresses

These styles of modest church dresses are classic but also styles you can always rely on. The maxi dress is a great fallback when you need something elegant and yet simple to wear to church or another outing. There are various lengths in maxi dresses, but normally length is determined by the customers preference and can vary from long to extra long. We also have some hacks for modest maxi dresses here if you need more ideas. Here are some of our customer favorites for maxi dresses.

Trendy Tops

One fashion statement the church world is making these days is trendy tops paired with other accessories like scarves or vests. We have managed to secure some of the best options for top choices that are easily accessorized. When you select your favorite top you have a great outfit, but when you pair that top with another item, it makes modest church dresses a lot easier to manage. Here’s some great options for modest tops and other accessories to go with them.

Final Thought

The fact of the matter is, if you’re going to go to church, you’re going to need an outfit that makes you look and feel great. Fashion trends shake and move all the time, but as long as you’re considering what you really want out of your modest church dresses, you will soon understand that the holiness standard may not change, but the fashion might. So what’s the next trend in church dresses? It’s  that foundation of holiness you pick your styles from because we still have some great options out there that will make us look fabulous. Trends will always be moving, but we have to be stable in what we wear, and it will still look great.

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